A quick note before I begin: in this piece, the term “Y/N” is used instead of a name. This stands for “Your Name”, as in fanfictions (which, however, this is not). Please, do comment if this doesn’t make sense and I will be more than happy to answer any questions. Enjoy!

You’re running. From? Who knows. To? Anywhere. Why? Because you can. Bare feet in long grass, wind through your hair which is pushed from your face, cooling rain spotting your glowing cheeks like tears, the pounding rhythm of your heartbeat echoing on the door to your head; you can feel it – but can you hear it? Slow down! Glance behind you. What do you see? Bears, tearing each other to pieces, desperate for food and shelter from the oncoming storm? Or your friend, running after you, laughing, snatching at you as you turn a corner in this game of tag? Perhaps, you see no one, just empty space – it’s your choice. Do these sights scare you? Comfort you? Make you feel anything at all? Your feet falter and you crash to the ground, landing right on your face. Are you laughing, or screaming? Do you get up and keep running, or stay there and shelter? Either is fine – just choose one. For those of you who kept running, you’ve reached a river. The water’s rushing by and you need to get to the other side – you think. You crossing? Or waiting? The water’s only rising and the ground is slippery underfoot. Whatever you’re doing, you’d better choose, and fast. You’re about to step into the water when all of a sudden, you hear something behind you. “Y/N!” Someone’s calling you. Who is it? Who could this be, in the middle of a storm, out in a field? Turn around. Look them in the eye. Think of whoever you see there and say the first thing that comes to mind – whatever it is. It doesn’t matter what you ask, the reply will always be the same: “No, Y/N.” Do  you continue on through the river or stay with them? For those who continue, as soon as you’re out of the water, everything is white. Which is weird, because I don’t mean it all disappears – it literally all goes white. White mud, white water, white rocks – everything except you and your clothes. You look behind you and the world the other side is still colored, the figure still stands there – they haven’t crossed, either because they can’t or they don’t want to, you decide. Suddenly, though, you’re running through the meadow again, chased by your friend or the bears except this time, you pass yourself, running as well – they don’t see you, but you see them. You continue past yourself again when your doppelganger shelters from the storm after falling over, and finally, you stop at the river. You see yourself, talking to yourself, and another you, about to step into the water – but wait! You have to tell them, warn them – “Y/N!” You shout out. The other you turns toward you, away from the river, and looks you in the eye. They say something – and you shake your head – “No, Y/N,” you say. Then it all makes sense – it was you, all along. Hang on, though. When I set the scene, what was the first thing I told you to do? I told you to slow down. Do you know why? Because every decision we make is important. Every one, we will face again, and every solution will come back to us later. So, you met your decisions. Some good, some bad – but I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t rush your life, or you’ll end up going in circles because you left someone behind. Who did you leave behind? Well, with whom were you playing tag at the beginning? Were those bears, or a mother protecting her children? There are no right or wrong answers in life – but every answer matters. Every choice. Everything matters. Everyone. 


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