All Alone…

Does anyone else ever feel so alone that you’re happy? Like, the world can hate you as much as it wants but hey, that’s not your problem? Me too. It really hurts. I think that, in life, there are often things we have to just… be okay with. Yeah, bad stuff happens. Bad stuff. Nightmares happen. But, a few seconds ago, you read the first sentence – go on, read it again. Pick a word, the one that you think I’m going to talk about now.

You picked “alone”, didn’t you?

Sure, I could spend 500, quality words explaining loneliness, the benefits, the hurt it can cause… but that’s not going to brighten anyone’s day, is it? Sure, I could tell you why I wrote that word, what I feel that makes me lonely. I could pour a river of words to tell you why I felt lonely, and it would all be completely pointless. Because you don’t go online to read a story I could have made up as I wrote it, you don’t want to hear that.

But… you do. You picked the word lonely, you read it and I’ll bet you cared, just a little, about why I wrote that. Why? Because we’re all human. Back before technology, before medicine and trains and music, before battles and illness and plague, humanity had one purpose: survival. It was, literally, a race – who lasted the longest, which species would die out first. Though so many have fallen behind us, here we are, advancing constantly, pulling our families over the line for another lap of the field. We have got this far because people do care, because we want others to succeed. We care for eachother,  every day, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes with that intent. But, whatever the reason, we are pulling through. Whatever we’re doing, it’s working. We’re here now, aren’t we? So, I guess what I want to say is, don’t give up. Don’t stop. And, most of all, be proud of how far you’ve come.

By the way, that entire first sentence was made up. Possibly, so was the second, and maybe even the third. I did it because I wanted to do an experiment. Those of you who read all the way down to here, leave a comment, perhaps. I don’t mind. I don’t know you, I promise I won’t judge. I’m just interested – how much do we really care for our fellow human beings? If you saw someone hurting, would you help them? I already know the answer, though. You would – you’ve read down to here.



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