Love. Real or Not Real?

If there’s something in this world I can truly say I believe in , it’s love.

Look outside – so many people, walking around with their iPhones in their pockets and their lives and their jobs… their problems, their friends… who knows if it’s all just, not real? We could all be dead, dreaming, even in someone else’s dream – we’d never know. But love is real. So real that people die for it and vow for it… nothing imaginary could move a person so.

Not long ago, I heard that love was “a spell, created by mortals to give women something to play with.” Name any story, any tale your grandmother might have recalled as you sat on her knee, and they will all have one thing in common: love. Perhaps not for someone, maybe even a love of hating something, but through all of these, it stands. Since the days of Adam and Eve, through ice and storms and solar flares, love has made it. We are still here, are we not? And, however much you might like to believe it, the fact has nothing to do with humanity’s planet-saving skills, which are so inconsequential they are almost non-existent. Something made us move, something pushed us to help others.

We scream for help and someone always comes running – be it a friend, the courage to stand by yourself or even Death itself. Love is what keeps us alive. Not living, not unharmed. But alive, wherever, whenever we are.

Love does not deceive, remember that. It’s okay to have love. But be careful. Love brought us here, but it also discarded others along the way. Do not mistreat it, because it will drop you, and it’s a long way to fall. And remember, your wings can only take you so far without any wind…



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