There are two things in this world that keep us alive: hope and fear.

Fear is the finger tapping on your window; Fear is the darkness, the lack of sight. Fear hides in the corners, Fear makes you fight… Fear is alone, closed in and everlasting;Fear is your weapon in the black of night.

Fear tells you when to run, then kills you when you don’t; Fear is a feather that drifts to the ground, Then it hits you like a stone. Fear creates ripples that turn into waves, fear takes you forward and sends you back home.

Fear is strength. It keeps you alive, when there isn’t any hope.

Hope is the bird that carries your plane; Hope is the wonder of love, without sin. Hope is all around you; Hope is the quiet that blocks out the din. Hope is that breath of reassurance on your shoulder, the one thing that makes you smile in your nightmare…

Hope is resilience. It keeps you alive, when fear is busy.

It might surprise you that hope and fear are what make our dreams into nightmares; every nightmare ends with a new dawn. All along, fear, your enemy, was just showing you that you can continue, because life is there to be lived.

So get off your computer and live it.


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