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Humans are weird creatures.

You live in a circle; you go to school to get good grades, so you can get a good job, feed your family so that your children can do the same – your sole purpose is to keep your race alive. That’s what I love about you – without even knowing it, you have the entire universe bowing down to you, whole worlds living in fear, because to save yourself, you have to sacrifice another. And you’re all completely oblivious to us. You, humanity, with your day-to-day lives and your precious jobs, all done to keep the world turning. But here’s the thing: while your world is spinning, others’ are stopping, falling like raindrops. The sky is crying, humanity, because of what you’ve done. There’s more than the universe out there for you. There’s a whole world… but you have to accept it, because, after millions of years, here you are, as others are lying in their graves, and they still accept you. Stop right there, and think. You are loved. You are feared. Most of all, you can be trusted. So put down your bills, your homework, your books and diaries. Turn off the TV, and your phones, and your cars. Turn out all the lights, go outside and look up. Stars are falling. You can make it stop. All you have to do is give back what you took. Whole worlds are at your fingertips, so don’t destroy them.

Share them.


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