Are We All Going?

The last words of President William McKinley. We are all going. Oblivion is inevitable. Someday, we will all be gone, and there will be no one to remember us for anything. The logic of this shows that there is no point in any living, any research, any being at all. Yet, despite this knowledge, here we are. Here we are, alive and living for the here and now, the there and then, the will be… or the won’t be. So many people focus on the infinite won’t be, the dead that outnumber the living, when we have lives to live. Things to see, places to go, swings to swing on. We as a human race are naïve enough to see only what is visible to the naked eye, when in fact there is so much more, so many more swings to swing on. There is always something we are missing. Space is infinite, and our lives are short, so let us not waste them. Go forth, my friends, and discover the world. Find what others will never find, seek what others will never seek, and be your own person. 90 years to live, ninety years to find why we’re here. Every single second is worth it.

We are beautiful creatures. And yes, we are all going. Just not to the place that, until now, we thought.


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